All your marketing data, aligned

Consolidate all your tools to collect, store and use your marketing data, for once and for all, and move fast.

View extended data features

Source from anywhere

Collect, events and users using our connectors (or build yours in javascript).


Use everywhere

When data is ready, use it to power automation or send it to any destinations.


Train your own AI

Fine tune continuously your AI with instructions, brand documents & your database to have a private accurate real time AI assistant


Included data 🛠️


Setup your tracking inside Pocket

Pocket tags can execute on backend or frontend, transforming, cleaning or normalising your data in real time. Using familar javascript.

You can see your events format inline so you find data inconsistency errors in your tags before deploying.


Source data from anywhere

Stream data from anywhere into pocket, using our connectors or building them using our APIs


Track events in your website, or anywhere.

Create custom events, define their properties and and start using them in your analytics or marketing automation.


Attach properties to users as you track events.

Any session, event or interaction can be atributed to a final user. With powerful user profiles, you can also compute properties based on events or other factors.


From Pocket to anywhere🚀

Everything you do in Pocket ends up in your own SQL database, and can also be connected using our destinations endpoints. So you can share the parts of data you want with the services you want.

And keep the one you want for yourself


data quality?

✅ Check

Define data types, accepted or required properties, across all your sources of events or users.


💩 hits the fan?

✅️ Check too

Event and user real time Q/A monitoring, to never miss a beat.

Setup your alert criteria, your required and prefered data formats and more.


Unified debugging

Visualize and explore all your sources of events in one panel. Move faster, break less.


It's time to try it for yourself