We're the small but mighty team behind PocketCDP, and we are building the future of online marketing.

We aim to push forward the boundaries of traditional marketing automation, tracking and AI tools on many fronts, all while giving you explicit ownership of your data, sorted and enabled to be used in current and future AI copilots.

At this moment, PocketCDP is under close Beta, which means we're onboarding users individually to make sure we're staying connected to their pain points and managing scaling up with care.

Company wise, we are less a a year old, and at the moment are growing this team, finding the best partner as lead investor to scale up our infrastructure and open beta to more customers.

I'm Miguel by the way, co-founder and CEO at PocketCDP. And I have been implementing, building and assisting teams with marketing automation tooling, data pipelines, CDPs and everything in between for the past 7 years.

During this experience I have seen the differences strenghts and flaws of most of the systems, and this motivated me to build the tool me, my customers and my teams have been dreaming of.

If there's anything you think we should add, change or rethink, just let me know.

If you'd like to join us on our mission, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn where we will be opening roles soon, or send me an email.

That's it! Have a great day 👋