The first AI marketing automation platform

Where you have the best data, you get the best automation. Powered by Pocket Copilot

How AI copilot works

Use the power of actions

Orchestrate anything inside a marketing automation flow, with a one click install from the actions marketplace


Conversions everywhere

Automation and conversions live together, set goals and experiment on each step.


Put AI copilot to work

Use your trained AI to fill in data dynamically in your journeys, everything is available as real time context.


Welcome the era of actions as a service.

Introducing the actions market.

Privacy first

Share only essential data to perform each action


Use the marketplace to install, configure and remove, without data loss.

One database

Actions data is integrated with your main database

Easy to extend

Custom case? write your actions using javascript


A personal, tuned-in, inline AI is the fuel

You are the 🔥


Pocket Copilot radically transforms the relation of marketers with their work. Redefining operative work into curation work. Where you review and give feedback, helping you working at a larger scale, with a more detailed attention for the reasoning, the conversion rate optimization


Merging the power of having a trained AI on your customer journeys + conversion rates inside your automation steps, brings us inline enhancements to your marketing campaigns from start to end.

AI jobs

Use AI to create content inside your journeys using any user & event data living inside the platform. Use it in any other action in the marketplace.

It's time to try it for yourself